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  • Advancement Committee

    The Advancement Committee acts as a liaison to the greater Savannah Community re: the building of the Calvary Day School Endowment Fund.  Amongst other strategic initiatives, this Fund provides needed support for Capital Improvements.   
  • Cavalier Fund Committee

    The Cavalier Fund Committee at Calvary Day School is a dedicated group of volunteers working to support the school's annual fundraising efforts. The Cavalier Fund supports professional development of our faculty and staff and goes beyond annual school budget. The committee collaborates closely with school leadership under the direction of the Director of Development to design strategic campaigns and initiatives. The committee's primary goal is to raise funds that directly contribute to enhancing the educational experience for students, and supporting faculty development. Through their collective efforts, the committee plays a vital role in fostering a thriving learning environment and ensuring the continued growth and success of Calvary Day School. If you would like to be a part of the Cavalier Fund Committee please contact Chip Welch at
  • Board of Trustees

    The Calvary Day School (CDS) Board of Trustees (BOT) is comprised of seven volunteers.  The Board consists of three Calvary Baptist Temple (CBT) members, one of which shall be the Senior Pastor or an Elder of CBT appointed by the Senior Pastor, and four members shall be non-CBT members, one of which shall be the pastor of a local church. The Head of School of CDS serves as an ex-officio Trustee of the Board. Trustees serve a three-year term and are elected through a nominating committee and approval process. Trustees may elect to serve a second consecutive term before rolling off for a minimum of one year. Click here to read the individual bios of our Board members.

    CDS Board of Trustees

    Mike Offer - CDS Trustee
    3rd Year - 1st Term

    Chris Witherington - CDS Trustee
    Vice Chair 
    2nd Year - 1st Term

    Forbes Buck 
    1st Year - 2nd Term

    Dr. Bart Wetherington
    1st Year - 2nd Term

    Andrea Whelan
    3rd Year - 1st Term

    Jonathan Philips
    2nd Year - 1st Term

    Tommy Mann
    CBT Senior Pastor

    Dr. Hunter Chadwick
    Head of School
    Ex-officio Member

    Andy Korta
    Meeting Attendee