The Arts at Calvary

Promoting Creativity

Calvary Day School's Fine Arts program offers students a platform to explore and excel in music, dance, theater, and the visual arts. With top-notch facilities and passionate instructors, and a nurturing environment, the program provides world-class instruction underpinned by Christian values, inspiring students to discover and cultivate their talents for the glory of God.


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  • Middle School Band

    Students in Middle School Band (Grades 6-8) will perform intermediate level music and should at least be in their second year of playing their instrument. This class meets during the middle school 7th period block. Students wishing to start learning a band instrument in middle school will need to be in an additional beginning band class during their 4th, 5th, or 6th period elective time, or be enrolled in the Fine Arts Academy. Middle School Band performs four regular concerts at Calvary during the year: Fall, Christmas, Pops, and Spring Concerts. Students in Middle School Band will continue to build on intermediate levels of music theory and performance.
  • Upper School Concert Band

    Upper School Concert Band is a performance class for 9th-12th grade students. This class meets during the school day, 3rd period. Students must be in at least their third year of playing to perform in the Concert Band. Concert Band students will have four regular concerts during the year including: Fall, Christmas, Pops, and Spring. Students in Concert Band will also have opportunities for Marching Band (Fall), Pit Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble (Spring), and District Honor Band.
  • Pep Band

    The Pep Band is composed of 6th-12th grade band students. Pep Band meets after school during the fall semester and is preceded by band camp during the last week of July. The band performs at all varsity football games (home and away). 
  • FA Academy Band Lessons

    The Fine Arts Academy band lessons are open to any student at a beginning or intermediate level, 4th-12th grade. Instruments include: flute, clarinet, saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion. Students taking brass lessons (French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba) may receive advanced lessons. Band lessons are taught by Bryce Bielec.

Calvary Singers

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  • Middle School Calvary Singers

    Students in the Middle School Calvary Singers are guided to explore choral music topics such as vocal technique, reading music, and performance through student-led discovery.  Students prepare and perform a variety of musical styles from classical to pop to be performed as part of the Calvary Day School concert series.  Musicianship training is a significant portion of the class as students learn basic sight singing skills, scales, and music literacy.  The Calvary Singers class will also prepare students for additional performances on and off campus, such as GMEA All-State Choir and honors choir.  Middle School Calvary Singers also serves as a preparatory class for the renown upper school Calvary Singers ensemble.
  • Upper School Calvary Singers

    The Calvary Singers is an Upper School tradition of excellence dating back over 30 years. The Calvary Singers strive for excellence on stage, in the classroom, and in the relationships we build.   Students prepare and perform a variety of musical styles, from classical to pop, to be performed as part of the Calvary Day School concert series. In additional to on campus performances, Calvary Singers members are afforded the chance to participate in activities such All-State Choir, District Honors Choir, Literary Competition, and the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program.  Students are instructed in advanced choral concepts related to vocal technique and music literacy. Each member of the Calvary Singers prepares and presents on a music topic of their choosing that they research during what is known as studio time.  Just as members of Christ form the Church, the Calvary Singers come together with unique talents and personalities to form one collective ensemble. Encouraging one another is essential and makes up the heart of what the Calvary Singers are about.
  • FA Voice Lessons

    Fine Arts Academy voice lessons are available to interested students from 7th to 12th grade.  These personalized lessons will help guide aspiring singers through topics of vocal technique and music literacy.  Students will learn how to use their voice with healthy vocal technique in various styles ranging from classical and musical theatre to jazz and pop.  Students are afforded the chance to present their voice studio work in recital as well.  Voice lessons are taught by Drew Whitlow.


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  • FA Academy Dance Lessons

    Fine Arts Academy dance lessons are offered for students from the age of two up to 18-years-old. In the Early Learning Center, our two-year-olds begin learning creative movement. This allows students to become comfortable movers while developing fine motor skills and integrating classroom topics such as colors, shapes, emotion, animals, nature, and much more. From ages three to seven, teachers begin to introduce proper dance ballet and tap techniques to our movers while still engaging in fun, interactive activities. As students enter 1st grade, they are now exposed to three different genres of dance: ballet, tap, and jazz. Dancers are continuing to refine their fine muscle control, coordination, musicality, and the proper technique for each subject of dance. At the end of each semester, dancers have the opportunity to participate in our Winter and Spring Dance Recitals.  
  • Middle and Upper School

    Students in middle and upper school have the opportunity to take dance as an elective. Throughout each semester we dedicate four weeks to each of the foundational styles of dance, ballet, tap, and jazz. During those four weeks, dancers learn about the history behind the style, anatomy, and the foundational movements.


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  • Lower/Middle/Upper Schools

    The development of Theatre begins early in our Lower School with the Lower School Musical so that by the time students reach 6th grade, they are ready to delve deeper into the world of the stage. Every year, our upper & middle school students present a Fall Musical, an Upper School Fall Play, a Middle School Spring Play, and a Lower School Musical. Students also have the opportunity to take an elective in Theatre, starting with Intro to Theatre in Middle School and going all the way up to Honors Theatre in Upper School. Every three years, the Theatre department produces an All School Musical, which includes students from 3rd grade up to 12th grade.
  • Thespians

    Troupe 10067 started this year at Calvary and will go on to compete in different events at ThesCon in Columbus in February. Both upper and middle school students are welcome to join Thespians, which currently meets on Mondays either after school or during Flex.

Visual Arts

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  • Lower School

    Students from Kindergarten to 5th grade will "travel" around the world and learn about different people, cultures, and different styles of art. As students learn about new countries, they will interact with the passport they created by marking the places they have been and create artwork inspired by that country. While working on our art, we will listen to traditional music, watch virtual tours of the country, and sometimes enjoy a treat. At the end of the year, students will have a passport and a “suitcase” portfolio to remember their travels.
  • Middle School

    Visual Art in grades 6th, 7th and 8th will introduce students to a wide variety of art mediums, past and present day artists, and careers in the arts. Students will gain exposure to art movements throughout history, as well as cultural influences in different areas of the world. Art in the middle grades will emphasize the development of technical skills in both 2D and 3D work including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, photography and mixed media. In addition to creating art, students will develop their skills in writing, reading and public speaking on art related topics. Visual Art students will also have an opportunity to exhibit their work each semester during our Winter and Spring Fine Arts events.
  • Upper School

    Visual Art in grades 9-12 focuses on the discovery and growth of each student as a creative individual. Art history and art criticism are incorporated into the curriculum as students develop their skills as well as their appreciation for art. Contemporary art topics are explored and careers in the arts are introduced. Art classes in the upper school expose students to a wide variety of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, photography and mixed media. Art around the world and its cultural significance are emphasized. All projects will require the students to make informed and critical decisions through planning, practice, experimentation and revision. Each upper school art student will also have the opportunity to exhibit their work during our Winter and Spring Fine Arts events. 
  • FAA Art Lessons

    The Fine Arts Academy Art Lessons are held in small groups of four to eight students in grades 1-5. This small group environment allows students to grow individually and make connections with other students in varying grade levels. Students will collaborate together and create artwork individually. Students will use various mediums such as acrylic paint, pastels, clay, cardboard, and more to create 2d and 3d artworks. 
  • Art Club

    On Tuesday afternoons after school, a group of students that all share a passion for visual art get together and create! A prepared project is available each week, or students have the option to work on their own personal projects. It is an encouraging environment for students of any skill level in grades 6-12. 

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  • Photo of Allison Stroud

    Allison Stroud 

    Director of Theatre
  • Photo of Drew Whitlow

    Drew Whitlow 

    Director of Fine Arts
  • Photo of Terence Watts

    Terence Watts 

    Bible Teacher and Middle & Upper School Band Director
  • Photo of Suzannah Forbes

    Suzannah Forbes 

    Director of Dance
  • Photo of Monina Morris

    Monina Morris 

    Lower School Music Teacher
  • Photo of Leigh Crumbley

    Leigh Crumbley 

    Costume Designer
  • Photo of Christine Powell

    Christine Powell 

    Middle and Upper School Art Teacher
  • Photo of Taylor Veale

    Taylor Veale 

    Lower School Art Teacher
  • Photo of Ken Griner

    Ken Griner 

    Broadcasting Teacher

Other Opportunities

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  • Broadcasting

    The Calvary Day Broadcasting program gives middle and upper  school students an introductory look at the industry.  Students in the program will learn the different opportunities and positions in the field. The classes also offer a variety of projects that give students hands-on experience, including writing, editing, shooting, reporting, and anchoring. Upper School students are given an opportunity to be part of real time experience as a camera person on
  • Costume Design/Sewing

    Students have the opportunity to take sewing classes during the school day (MS & US) or after school in the FA Academy (4th and 5th grades). They will assist our costume designer in preparing and making costumes for our productions and other activities. Each student is assigned their own sewing machine for the semester or year and learn a valuable skill that they can use for life.
  • Graphic Design

    This course develops students' skills in graphic design using compositional organization, the principles of design, typography, photo editing, and layout. Students will be working in the Adobe Suite, specifically Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. As a class, students will move through tutorials that will prepare them for projects. This course will give students a better understanding of what graphic design is and how it impacts the world of technology.