2022- 2023 Tuition and Fees

Grades 1 - 5
Grades 6 - 8
Grades 9 - 12

Tuition & Fees Info

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  • Required Fees

    Tuition Commitment FeeNew Students$500
     Continuous Enrollment FeeReturning Families$250
    (No family pays more than two tuition commitment fees.)
    All-You-Can-Eat Daily LunchELCN/A
     Lower School$675
     Middle School$775
     Upper School$875
     Pre-K - Grade 1$140
     Grades 2 - 5$190
     Grades 6 - 12$220
    Facility Improvement (Pre-K - 12th) $200
    (No family pays more than two Facility Improvement fees.)
     Activity Fee (Pre-K - 12th)  $100
  • Fees Above Tuition 2022-23

    Student Activities (PK - 5)
    $50 Covers field trips, class parties, etc. 

    Textbooks, Supplies & Uniforms 
    • PK-5th Grade Supplies through School Tool Box approximately $70-$110 
    • Grades 6-8 textbooks & supplies approximately $100 
    • Grades 9-12 textbooks & supplies can range from $200-$700
    • *May be more expensive depending on course selection(s) 
    • Polo Shirt $28 - $32
    • Shorts $28 - $33
    • Plaid Skirt/Skorts $52 - $58
    • Pants $30 - $35
    • Jumper $49
    Overnight Class Trips 
    • Grade 4 Burton Center/Tybee Island Field trip Approximately $150
    • Grade 5 Barrier Island, SC Approximately $250 
    • Grade 6  Approximately $425 (Location TBD)
    • Grade 7  Approximately $300 (Location TBD)
    • Grade 8  Approximately $750 (Location TBD)
    • Upper School Interim Trips $300-$3,400
    Class Dues
    9th $125
    10th $150
    11th $175
    12th $200

    Upper School fees 
    • All class retreats 
    • Yearbook
    • All Homecoming class games t-shirts
    • Homecoming Supplies
    • Homecoming Dance
    • Prom
    • Sadie Hawkins Dance
    • PSAT and Pre-ACT
    • Caps and Gowns
    • Senior Superlative Lunch
    • Senior Graduation Lunch
    ESL Support
    $4,500 annually added to tuition
    Advanced Placement Exams $100 Per Test
    Fine Arts 
    • Upper & Middle School choral attire approximately $50-$100 
    • Upper & Middle School orchestra instrument rental approximately $40-$60 per month 
    • Upper School orchestra attire approximately $70-$110 
    • Official Choral folder approximately $25 
    • Jazz Band instrument rental from SCDS approximately $60 per month 
    • Middle & Upper School extracurricular fall musical  $200 
    • Upper School School extracurricular spring play $150 
    • Lower School Extracurricular spring musical $150 
    • Upper School Photography $50 - digital camera & memory card required 
    • Middle School Photography  - digital camera & memory card required

    Middle School Optional cost associated with purchasing team gear (range $50-$250, per season, sport dependent)
    Upper School Required costs associated with purchase of mandatory team gear/meals/activities (range $75-$300, per season, sport dependent)
  • Additional Services

    Before/After School Program
    • Before School Care $110/month
    • After School Care $210/month
    • Before and After School Care $240/month
    • Extended Carpool $125/month
    • Drop-in Care $25/day; Holiday Care $45/day
    Bus Transportation (assessed per semester)
    • $600/semester for first child
    • $500/semester for second and third child
    • No charge for fourth and additional children in same family 
    Learning Support  
    • $1,200/semester
  • Continuous Enrollment

    Why Continuous Enrollment?
    Continuous Enrollment (CE) allows Calvary Day School to better fulfill our purpose and mission in the lives of students within the Early Learning Center, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School (6 weeks - 12th grade). When students are continuously enrolled, from initial registration until graduation from Calvary Day School, we are able to maximize our resources to provide a Christian education to our families at the highest level of excellence.
    Continuous Enrollment Dates At-a-Glance:
    • February 1: Tuition for the following academic year posted to Calvary Day School website.
    • March 1: Tuition Assistance applications must be submitted through Blackbaud Financial Management.
    • April 1: Any changes in enrollment plans must be submitted to the Calvary Day School Admission Office. 
    • April 16: Tuition Commitment Fee and Blackbaud Tuition Management Display Fee will be collected through an Auto Debit transaction as payment for the following academic year. This transaction will process concurrently with the April 16, 2023 tuition payment. 
    • June 1: Tuition penalty will be assessed for any withdrawals on or after this date.
    I’m planning on keeping my child/ren at Calvary until college. What if God has other plans for my family? Are there unique circumstances for this case?
    We have built flexibility into the Continuous Enrollment contract. The following unique circumstances, for families withdrawing after June 1st, will be considered for exemption of any penalties:
    • Moving/Relocation 30+ miles away from Calvary Day School.
    • Educational needs for the student that can no longer be met at Calvary Day School as determined by the Administration.
    Medical requirements of the student

    • Other circumstances as approved by the Calvary Day School Leadership in conjunction with the Calvary Day School School Board.
    What are my tuition payment options for CDS in 2022-2023?
    Everyone will automatically be enrolled into a 12 month payment plan with payments beginning June 16, 2022, for all students any other month after June, your payment will begin on the 16th of that month. Families are offered the option of a one-time payment of tuition and required fees. Payment in full will be collected on August 16. You will receive a 3.5% tuition discount if you choose the one-time payment option. Please note that extracurricular fees incurred throughout the school year will be billed and collected monthly.  
    What’s our responsibility if we break the Continuous Enrollment contract?
    If a Calvary Day School family re-enrolls but breaks the Continuous Enrollment contract by withdrawing their students after June 1st, terms of the current withdrawal policy will apply. By this date, Calvary Day School administration has effectively planned for staffing and curriculum for the following academic year.
    What if we decide to opt-out and then change our mind?
    Calvary Day School views our relationship as a partnership. If a family decides to withdraw from Calvary Day School and wishes to return, they may apply, pay the application and enrollment fees while going through the complete admissions process. Due to scheduling classes during the second semester, offerings such as Honors and AP, which are limited, may not be available. Therefore, priority scheduling is given to those who continue within the continuous enrollment process.  
  • Discounts

    ELC Pre-K 3 transition to Pre-K $500
    Hometown Heroes (Active Military, Police, Fire, EMT)$500(first child only)
    Calvary Alumni$500(first child only)
    Active Calvary Baptist Temple Members$500(first child only)
    Third and all subsequently enrolled children$1,100 
    Calvary New Student Referral Program$100(Some restrictions apply)
  • Blackbaud Tuition Management

    NOTE: All Calvary families are required to create a Blackbaud Tuition Management  account.
    Returning families’ accounts will automatically roll over from the previous school year. A $50 account fee will be added annually to the Tuition Commitment fee for this service. Applicable transaction fees will be added to any payment made by credit or debit card.
    Annual Payment - Automatic withdrawal August 1st (3.5% prepayment tuition discount)

    Monthly Payment Plans (Automatic withdrawal through Blackbaud Tuition Management (BTM):

    12 Installments paid through BTM automated bank draft (ACH) on the 16th of each month, June to May
  • Fact Sheet

    All students are required to pay for the yearly lunch program, which is included in monthly billing. Our cafeteria is an all-you-can-eat program. Calvary students have many dining choices available every day, from made-from-scratch entrées to healthy salads and a variety of beverage options.
    Technological knowledge and skill is essential to student success in college and beyond. At Calvary we pride ourselves on our purposeful and relevant use of 1:1 technology for all students. Pre-K through 1st grade students use tablet-based technology while 2nd through 12th grade students use Google Chromebooks. Our 1:1 technology is supported by industry-leading internet, dynamic wireless service, and multiple layers of filtering both on and off campus. We are a Google for Education school, providing the best leading-edge technology and cloud-based resources to our students and faculty. Our technology fee helps to expand and maintain our technology infrastructure. This expense is included in monthly billing.
    Each year we select a major improvement project for our campus. This fee helps cover the associated cost of improvement initiatives and is included in monthly billing.
    We provide before care and after care for students in Pre-K through 8th grade. Our students enjoy planned study time, homework help, free time, and crafts. We also provide care on holidays for families in need of coverage for their kids. This expense will be added to monthly billing beginning in August.
    The Calvary transportation program currently provides three different pick-up/drop-off locations: Savannah Westside at Berwick (Kroger Plaza), Pooler (Food Lion), Port Wentworth (Bojangles). As transportation needs increase, we will add additional bus routes. This expense will be added to monthly billing.
    Our Learning Support Program (LSP) has been a remarkable success in the lives of our participating students by providing personal care, hands-on learning, heightened organizational skills, and individualized instruction to meet specific student needs. Our Lower School students come to the LSP at least twice each week for individualized and small group instruction; our Middle School students come to the LSP during their elective class at least every other day or as needed; and our Upper School students receive specialized instruction prior to and after school. All LSP students may utilize the facilities after school for additional help. This program is a valuable tool to help students succeed at their highest level. This expense will be added to monthly billing.
    This fee helps support the variety of extracurricular activities offered, from Fine Arts to Athletics to STEM and is included in monthly billing. 

Financial Aid

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  • Blackbaud Financial Aid Management

    The mission of Calvary Day School’s Financial Aid Program is to ensure qualified students have the opportunity to attend school without regard to financial circumstances. To assist in this, we have contracted with Blackbaud Financial Aid Management, an online financial aid application provider. 

    In regard to the application process, please note the following:
    • Application for financial aid must be completed on a yearly basis.
    • Online application must be completed no later than March 31. Because of the limited funds available, applications that have not been received by March 31 may not be considered for the upcoming school year.
    • To have your online application considered, you must complete all questions and upload all income information requested by Blackbaud Financial Management Aid.
    • Apply online at!/login. Calvary Day School ID #13441. You will need to enter our ID# so that your information is correctly directed to us.
    • Processing Fee $35.00. This fee is non-refundable.
    • Completed applications will be reviewed in order of receipt. We will NOT review incomplete applications.
    • Notification of aid will be emailed after review is complete.
    • When you receive your award notification you will have 2 weeks to accept or decline.
    • The Georgia GOAL Scholarship financial aid must be applied for through Blackbaud Financial Aid Management. You do not apply for aid directly through Georgia GOAL. 
    • Copies of your most recent tax return must be uploaded with your application. If parents are divorced, separated or not married, then each parent must submit an individual application. All awards are provisional upon review of your tax returns. 

    You may explain in a letter your financial need and any facts you feel are relevant. If any of the following apply it is recommended that you address these issues:
    • List the amount of tuition or fees for which you are obligated to pay for children that do not attend Calvary (day care, college, other private schools, etc.).
    • If only one spouse is working, state the reason that the spouse is not employed.
    • If divorced and not receiving child support, state the reason for not receiving child support.

    If you have questions, please call the finance office at 912-644-5098. You will be notified should you be awarded financial aid and the amount awarded after all forms are received and your application is reviewed. 
  • GOAL Scholarship

    In 2008, Georgia’s elected officials had the remarkable vision to pass the Education Expense Credit law to provide families in our state with access to better educational opportunities for their children. Their legislative leadership resulted in what has been described as the nation’s best education expense credit law. Since inception, the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program has been leading the way in implementing this important legislation through our ethical, transparent and proven approach.

    The Georgia GOAL scholarship program associates do not determine the amount of financial aid a family is awarded for students meeting the eligibility requirements. To learn more about GOAL you can visit To apply for GOAL go to
  • Arete Scholars

    Arete Scholars exists to help economically disadvantaged children reach their highest potential through educational opportunity. Through private contributions from corporate and philanthropic partners, Arete awards need-based K-12 scholarships and empowers parents to place their children in schools that best suit their unique gifts and learning needs.

    Arete currently operates in Georgia under the state's Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship Program and in Louisiana under the Tuition Donation Rebate Program. Scholarship eligibility is based on the income guidelines for the federal free and reduced lunch program (FRL), and award amounts range from $2,500 to $4,000 per year. Recipients are required to requalify each year.

    Arete scholarships are based upon private funds. Calvary Day School does not play any role in determining the amount of scholarship funds a family may be awarded.
  • AAA Scholarship Foundation

    Our donors are companies and individuals who care about their community and desire the opportunity to partner with AAA Scholarship Foundation for low-income families in an effort to create a brighter future for all of our children.

    Each state has individual guidelines determined by the laws of that state and the accountability guidelines of the AAA Scholarship Foundation. Please choose your state to view details on participation. Please contact our office at 888-707-2465 for additional assistance in donating today!

    AAA scholarships are based upon private funds. Calvary Day School does not play any role in determining the amount of scholarship funds a family may be awarded.
Calvary Day School accepts students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. Accredited by GAC and Cognia • Member of GHSA

Contact Us

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  • Main Admissions Office

    (912) 351-0700
  • Middle and Upper School Admissions

    (912) 644-5055
  • Lower School Admissions

    (912) 644-5054
  • Tuition Specialist

    (912) 644-5098