Spiritual Emphasis


Spiritual Emphasis Week is an annual event that challenges students to make God their most vital source of life. Each year, Calvary is blessed to see a number of its students come to know Christ personally or make renewed commitments to follow Him faithfully.

Spiritual Emphasis Week is transformative for every part of Calvary Day School. From the themed decorations on campus to the altered schedule of classes for daily small group time, the week emphatically reinforces the value that the most important aspect of a Calvary Day School education is a worldview that is decidedly Christian.

Spiritual Preparations

To prepare spiritual ground for sowing every day, parent volunteers sit at each door to the chapel during Spiritual Emphasis Week praying for the students inside. A chapel service during Spiritual Emphasis Week may start out with a skit reinforcing the week’s theme, a student testimonial, or a video message from a world-traveling missionary. Calvary brings in major Christian artists such as Echoing Angels, Abandon, and Rush of Fools to lead worship and challenge students to find joy in their expression of Jesus’ love. This fun, dynamic atmosphere each day is only the beginning of the blessings students will reap during the week.
Every student is part of a small group during Spiritual Emphasis Week and many of the small groups formed during the week continue throughout the remainder of the year. Lasting relationships are built as parents and Youth Pastors from the community lead the small groups.

Spiritual Emphasis Week incorporates mission work through additional opportunities to physically and financially serve in the community and worldwide through volunteer hours and love offerings. By embracing service, a renewed thirst for Christ is celebrated.

Spiritual Emphasis Week is not a mere once-a-year phenomenon; it is a refueling point that focuses the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — on Christ.

How Can You Be Involved?

  • Prayer: Being praying now for our speaker and band as well as the student body that God will begin working in them to accomplish His will for our Spiritual Emphasis Week.
  • Planning: Volunteer to help with the planning of the week.
  • Prayer Warriors: Join our prayer warriors during the week of Spiritual Emphasis as they pray for students.
  • Support: Provide financial support to help pay for the speaker, band, and other expenses.