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Calvary Day School STEM and Nature Center

The Calvary STEM and Nature Center is currently home to thirteen distinct species of reptiles, five of which are exotic. The wildlife exhibition permit provided by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) allows us to house the other eight, which are Georgia native reptiles. With the addition of this extraordinary learning space on our campus, it provides the opportunity to easily create cross-curricular, project-based lessons that teachers and students can relate back to our natural world. From God's purposeful design and thermodynamics to practicing Spanish verb conjugations, the STEM and Nature Center is a unique space for hands-on experiences and exciting learning opportunities for Pre-K through 12th grade.

Meet Our Animal Ambassadors

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  • Archimedes "Archie" (Bearded Dragon)

    Archie was adopted from a local family in 2017. He was the first reptile in the STEM department and is excited to have more friends! He loves to be held and enjoys human interaction. He prefers to be hand fed as we just found out that he is blind and has a tough time hunting food on his own.
  • Clementine (Diamondback Terrapin)

    Clementine came to Calvary in Fall of 2021 from Georgia Southern University. He was the only egg to survive in the nest laid by his mom, Blue. He was taken to a lab to be incubated safely until he hatched. His birthdate is July 16, 2021!
  • Dessie (Red Ear Slider)

    Dessie joined the Calvary team in Fall 2021. A student kindly donated her to us so she can be loved and educate other students! She is a shy turtle who prefers to stay under the water when people are around. She likes to bask under her bulb when no one is looking and can swim away quickly when someone comes near!
  • Hydra and Geo (Yellow-bellied Sliders)

    Hydra and Geo have been together since they were hatchlings, born in 2017. A family won the turtles at a fair and cared for them until they no longer had the time. They love to swim around and hide under their enclosure decorations.
  • Juniper (Red Rat Snake)

    Juniper is a rescue from the Georgia Reptile Society (GRS). His previous owners did not know it is illegal to have a native species as a pet in Georgia, so they surrendered him to the GRS. He loves to explore his enclosure and surroundings. He has bright orange colors and red eyes because he lacks melanin or black pigment, unlike other red rat snakes.
  • Keyno (Leopard Gecko)

    Keyno was adopted from a Calvary family to join the Calvary team in 2020. She loves to eat mealworms and crickets and is a fast hunter. She enjoys exploring her enclosure and often snoozes on the top of the log or under the leaves in her enclosure. She is nicknamed Houdini because she once escaped for 66 days!!
  • Leo (Veiled Chameleon)

    Leo was adopted in May of 2021 and was born in November of 2020. He blends in very well with the foliage in the enclosure and loves to hide on the top of the plants. Hunting crickets is his favorite, and he has great aim with his tongue! He doesn't love human interaction but loves when we feed him.
  • Lucille "Lucy" (Ball Python)

    Lucy’s family left her behind when they moved, and the new owners of the house called the Georgia Reptile Society (GRS) to care for her. She loves to hide under her log and is most active at night and explores her enclosure then. Sometimes she climbs her branch and perches on top where she can bask and check out her surroundings.
  • Panther (Gray Rat Snake)

    Panther traveled in an airplane overnight from Florida to Calvary Day school in Fall of 2020. He is an extremely nervous snake and wants to always feel safe and secure. He is adventurous and curious and loves to explore if he is comfortable in his surroundings. He loves to bury his body in the bedding, and only peaks his head out to see what’s going on.
  • Sheldon (Sulcata Tortoise)

    Sheldon joined the Calvary team in 2020. His previous family was moving and could not take him with them. Sheldon was born in 2015 and still has a lot of growing to do. He loves to bask in the sun and graze on the grass and weeds all day long. He likes to sleep in late and gets excited when students visit him on the playground.
  • Shrimp and Grits (American Alligators)

    Shrimp and Grits joined the Calvary team in February of 2022. They are brother and sister from Gatorland in Orlando, Florida. Shrimp is the calmer of the two while Grits makes it known that she is small but mighty. 
  • Taz (Eastern Box Turtle)

    Taz is an adult male Eastern Box Turtle who joined us from the Georgia Reptile Society (GRS). He was found in the wild with an injured front leg and was brought to the GRS where he was treated and rehabilitated. He loves to bury himself in the soil and hide under his log.
  • Van Gogh (Spotted Turtle)

    Van Gogh came from the UGA Marine Extension Aquarium on Skidaway Island in Fall of 2020. He is a full-grown adult and will not get any larger. He enjoys basking on his log and likes to eat worms. He is highly active and loves to explore his enclosure. Can you guess why he is named Van Gogh?

"Van Gogh"

Party Animals!

Are you interested in having a birthday party with our animal ambassadors at the Calvary STEM and Nature Center? Now is your chance! We are now offering birthday parties on Saturdays from 10-12, 12:30-2:30, and 3-5. Fill out and submit the Google form linked here if you are interested in having your child's party with us.

Birthday Party Package Details:
  • $180
  • 2-hour facility usage
  • 30 min reptile meet and greet
  • Decorations
  • Customized invitations
  • Gift for the birthday child