About Calvary Day School

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  • Our Mission

    Calvary Day School offers a Christ-centered educational experience through the development of the total student - spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.

    And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. Luke 2:52 

Our Core Values

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    We believe in following Christ as an example of how to lead, serve, teach, love, and live; we strive to base all we do on His word and walk in relationship with him.

    We believe in demonstrating we are a school of learning. It is our goal to prepare our students academically for college and life. We will hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and constant measurable improvement.

    We believe in recognizing all are gifted by God in unique ways. We believe in developing all forms of spiritual, academic, social, and physical gifts in each student to their fullest potential.

    We believe in the power of servanthood. Servant leadership will be taught, modeled, and encouraged to all students, staff, and families, so that all are equipped for the situations in life when God calls them to lead. We will provide opportunities daily and through special events for students, staff, and families to share Christ’s love through service and witnessing to others.


    We believe in fostering a vibrant, connected culture of empathy, fellowship, and respect among students, staff, and parents. Our commitment to building healthy, appropriate relationships, which are the foundation of discipleship, is better experienced than explained.
  • JOY

    We believe in having an attitude of gratitude for God’s blessings that are lived out in everyday smiles, laughter, and by celebrating demonstrated character and unique achievements. We choose joy daily. 

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