Facing the year ahead

Written By: Marianne Nordahl
One of the things that teachers, administrators, and parents need is time. A long weekend, a quiet night at home, a summer break to help restore our view of things. Breaks give us time to see into the future, to look back, to see through some past problems/issues, to look at any “blind spots" (see Matthew 7:5). Breaks allow us to reflect upon things that help us regain our balance and give us new hopes and dreams.
The nervousness of that first day of school after summer break, even into those first few weeks, is relentless at times. I have to be honest, each new year reminds me of a roller coaster ride, literally! There is excitement and thrill, yet terrifying fear of what to expect. There is a reason that we say, “Patience is a virtue.” We all must have patience. Parents need patience, not only with their child and their new learning experiences, but with their new teacher as well. Teachers and administrators need patience with all of the new students, their peers, and parents. And students need patience with their classmates, teachers, and families. Within a few weeks everyone has had to adjust and find a new comfort level, to gain ease and peace throughout the day.

While we were busy planning, cleaning, decorating, and remodeling this summer, something happened to our students. It seems like the students we knew last year have grown into “big kids." Many have become strong and established with themselves. It is satisfying to my heart to see and hear our students support each other, be encouraging, and affirming their classmates and teachers.

As we go through each day and move through the school year, we tend to lose our perspective. Sometimes it’s a challenge to just stay focused as the tasks mount up with all of the programs and ceremonies that complete the school year. If any of us ever wondered if all the work of teaching, loving, correcting, and serving any child was in vain, I now know that it made a difference--that God was indeed at work using vessels like us to fill and form their souls. I am grateful for everyone that has had a hand in raising, teaching, and caring for a child. I thank you all for trusting us with your greatest gift.

With school now in full motion, we are all settling into our roles for the year. We see incredible acts of kindness and courage with our students and staff offering support, accepting responsibilities, and taking on new challenges. Looking ahead I hope all of us wake up each day eager to see where the path takes us, delighting in not only the smooth highway but also the bumps and potholes along the way.

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