• Committed to Helping Students and Families Grow in Christ

    Phillip Lee
    Each year we are very blessed to see numerous students and families join us here at Calvary.  It is an amazing time getting to know these families on a personal level and seeing the kids grow up each and every year.  
  • Calvary’s Scholastic Book Fair Provides Student Book Choice

    Kim Zellner
    We have the pleasure of hosting a Scholastic Book Fair 1-2 times per year. This year was by far our most attended fair ever, with over 125 visitors attending our “Grand” Event, a packed house for our Book Character Day, and a full library for the Book Fair Night. 
  • Kimberly Bland Stuckey - Class of 1997

    Gordon Hunter
    Love and kindness are two qualities that Calvary Day School strives to incorporate into academics. To do this, Calvary’s teachers strive to include traits which make Calvary feel like a home and a close-knit family. Seventeen current staff members/teachers graduated from Calvary and have returned to impact our students. One of those is kindergarten teacher Mrs. Kimberly Bland Stuckey, or Mrs. Stuckey as she is known in the classroom.
  • Michael Wayne Murphy, Jr. c/o 1999

    Gordon Hunter
    One of 50,000. Georgia Southern University has 120,000 living alumni. Of that, 50,000 are under the age of 40. M. Wayne Murphy, Jr. was selected to be honored as one of the top Eagle Alumni under the age of 40. This prestigious honor is awarded in Statesboro every other year and, hundreds of applicants are nominated.
  • Facing the year ahead

    Marianne Nordahl
    One of the things that teachers, administrators, and parents need is time. A long weekend, a quiet night at home, a summer break to help restore our view of things. Breaks give us time to see into the future, to look back, to see through some past problems/issues, to look at any “blind spots" (see Matthew 7:5). Breaks allow us to reflect upon things that help us regain our balance and give us new hopes and dreams.
  • SAT Testing for Calvary Students

    Stacey Mell - Director of Guidance
    October is PSAT month. PSAT stands for Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test and serves as the practice to the college entrance exam, the SAT. College Board is the governing body for the PSAT, SAT, and AP exam. The College Board has developed a new suite of assessments that they are rolling out this fall. The new products are the PSAT 8/9, PSAT/ NMSQT, and SAT.
  • Homecoming Changes Due to Hurricane Florence

    Gordon Hunter
    Because of the cancellation of school last Friday, the Calvary Day School Homecoming football game vs. McIntosh Academy will be played on Saturday, September 22nd with kickoff slated for 7:00 pm at Specialty Sports Complex.

    The 10th Annual Alumni Low Country Boil is still scheduled to take place before the football game even though it has been moved to Saturday (9/22). The serving line will open at 5:15 pm and donations will be accepted under the Harvey Athletic Pavillon (batting cages next to Speciality Sports Complex). All alumni are invited to attend and can RSVP via this link. If you have already responded and plan to come Saturday night, you do not need to RSVP again. If you did RSVP and cannot attend, please email Gordon Hunter at ghunter@calvarydayschool.com.

  • Students Learn The Engineering Design Process

    Marcia Herndon
    Students in the Introduction to Engineering course completed their first project this week.  During the project, students applied the different steps of the Engineering Design Process as they designed, analyzed, built, and tested a mousetrap car.  The Whitebox Learning Environment provided background research into the physics involved in building a successful car - simple machines, friction, and mechanisms.  After researching the problem, students used the 3-D solid modeler and analysis tool suite to optimize and virtually test their design. Once the design concepts were complete, students generated construction plans and built physical models of their cars.  The project culminated in a race to see which car best met the design requirements. This hands-on approach allowed students to learn from their successes and their failures as they put into practice many of the skills necessary to be successful in any engineering field.
  • Students Are Trained to be Diligent Researchers at Calvary Day School

    Tonja Brunn
    Research is a priority at Calvary Day School. Our dedicated English teachers train students to be effective and proficient in all areas of the research process, beginning with solid writing and grammar instruction in Lower School, emergent research writing in Middle School, and, finally, very detailed, challenging, and specific research projects throughout the High School years. Successful research is a lengthy and systematic process. The basic steps for research writing at Calvary Day School are taught following this basic format:
  • From Berkeley to Brown...Calvary prepares Seniors for the Collegiate Process

    Stacey Mell - Director of Guidance
    Fall is an important time to begin the traditional visits to college campuses. I encourage all high school-aged students to really start thinking about college options and possibilities. It is never too soon to start visiting schools. Colleges and universities come in all shapes, sizes, and populations and carry vastly different majors and are located everywhere. Does one want to be just an hour up the road, so that he/she is able to come home at will or is it possible that 12 hours is not quite far enough away? These can be challenging questions, yet ones that need to be addressed and answered if your student is going to be prepared and ready for the college he/she selects.
  • STEM in Lower School

    Joseph Almeida
    Our Lower School teachers participated in some exciting professional development last week at our weekly staff meeting. Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) coordinator, Sandy Hunt, led the teachers in an interdisciplinary activity. In teams of four, the teachers worked at a table covered with different size Legos and they had ninety seconds to build the "tallest tower possible".
  • Calvary Student Travel

    Susan Tigert
    Student travel offers so many benefits to students. This experience helps them grow to be more independent, expand their horizons, experience other cultures, and so much more. In our high school, we are committed to providing multiple opportunities for students to travel both domestically and abroad. These experiences will create lifelong memories with friends as well as help students see the amazing world God has created for us.
  • Mr. Joseph Almeida Lower School Assistant Principal

    Gordon Hunter
    When you meet him, you’ll know. He always seems to be smiling and full of energy. With five kids of his own, I have no doubt that the excitement he brings every day comes from the Holy Spirit.
  • Grady Witherington Attends Leadership Conference in Washington D.C.

    Grady Witherington
    Grady, who is now a 6th grade Cavalier, was invited to attend a leadership conference in Washington D.C. this summer.  His fifth grade teachers nominated him as an outstanding student from Calvary Day School. These are his words about his experience:  
  • Welcome Back!

    Susan Tigert
    Welcome back!  

    This summer has gone by so fast, but we are excited to welcome students back.  This will be an exciting year of “new” for our school. We will have our first football season our new field.  We will have several new teachers joining the Calvary team. And we will have a brand new cafeteria with a new menu.  God is truly blessing our school in so many ways.
  • Belong

    Dr. James Taylor
    “Our actions will show that we belong to the truth, so we will be confident when we stand before God.” (I John 3:19 NLT)
  • Cavaliers Supporting Cavaliers

    Gordon Hunter
    During my 27 months as Director of Development, I’ve been amazed at the many things Calvary Day School offers its students. The academic rigor is constantly increasing. The opportunity for students to get involved in student organizations like a nationally-recognized Yearbook Staff, the student-led praise team, and the 3-time defending GHSA State Champions Volleyball program is just the tip of the iceberg. I would put the Calvary faculty up against any faculty in the state. But it does not end when Cavaliers graduate.

  • Read-A-Thon Reviews From Third Grade

    Mary Ann Mulvehill
    Third grade enjoyed an all day Read-A-Thon last week which apparently included some pretty amazing snacks. Between the two classes they racked up a total of 92 AR points in one day! See what some of Mrs. Lee's students had to say about the day.
  • Fourth Graders Become Published Authors

    Mary Ann Mulvehill
    After writing on various topics all year, Calvary's fourth-grade students spent some time brainstorming ideas for a new project.
  • Fifth Grade “Senior” Commitment Day

    Mary Ann Mulvehill
    The transition from fifth grade to sixth grade is often met with some fear balanced with a lot of excitement. This was the general response from Calvary’s fifth graders when asked if they were ready for middle school, and yet some of them realize that they do not want to begin the process of growing up.
  • What Calvary Means to Me

    Michael Bland - Class of 2018
    This story began on August 12th, 2005. I was barely 5 years old, scared and unsure of what was going on in my life. That is the day when the best thing in life happened to me. On the corner of 63rd and Waters sits a school that goes by the name of Calvary Day School; this school, little did I know, would be my second home.
  • Calvary Engineering Team Sweeps the Competition

    Marcia Herndon
    On April 28, Calvary’s Engineering Team took first place in the Georgia Southern Engineering Design Challenge. The team, comprised of 8 students and 3 advisors, employed the Engineering Design Process in a real world challenge -- building a battery powered go-kart.
  • Southern Teachers Student Art Contest Winners Announced

    Southern Teachers
    Congratulations to Marmda Sun for winning Southern Teachers prestigious 2018 Student Art Contest.
    “Euphony of Luminescence” will appear in the Southern Teachers 2018-19 academic year art calendar, which is distributed to over 2,000 independent schools around the country. 
    Marmda will also receive five copies of the art calendar and a $50 gift certificate for art supplies.
  • Calvary Class of 2018 are taking their last steps through the Halls of Calvary….

    Stacey Mell
    I only have a few days left to guide and direct your student and I want to give him/her excellent parting advice. Here is your Final Senior Checklist:
  • BJU Computer Engineering Workshop

    Marcia Herndon
    Calvary’s Engineering Club exposes students to different types of engineering, giving them hands-on experience in applying the engineering process in a variety of disciplines. This year alone, our students have explored civil, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering through an assortment of different activities.
  • 5th Grade Starbase Experience

    Cory Martin/Laurie Gaylord
    Careers involving the knowledge and use of technology are rapidly growing throughout the world. In fact, U.S. News and World Report states that, “tech jobs will grow faster than the average for all jobs at a rate of 12 percent this decade.” 
  • Regret....

    Gordon Hunter
    I still hear the sound of you picking your guitar and quietly singing in your bedroom next to mine in Campus Club. The way that your smile would light up a room was a sight to see. Your knowledge and ability to retain information is something I envy to this day.
  • It's That Time of Year....

    Phillip Lee
    It's that time of year again, and the Admissions Department is in full swing for next year's enrollment.  While we were extremely blessed last year with the growth of the student body, exceeding over 200 new students, we have already seen even more interest at this time from prospective families for the 2018/2019 school year.
  • Commitment Through Student Leadership

    Susan Tigert
    I truly believe that God crafts and molds each one of us to make an impact for His kingdom. We are each given talents and gifts so that we can go out into the world for His glory and His purpose. 

  • Zach Clay - Running for LLS Student of the Year

    Jami Sanders
    Night sweats, pain or a feeling of fullness below the ribs, unexplained weight loss, bone pain, fatigue, growth delays, hearing loss, weakness, fever, shortness of breath during basic everyday activities, infection, low blood cell count, and thyroid dysfunction. These are all signs and symptoms of different forms of leukemia and lymphoma.
  • Art Students Participate in The Memory Project

    Mary Ann Mulvehill

    Calvary Day School Art Students participate in the Memory Project each year.
  • College Tuition on the Rise

    Stacey Mell
    The price for college tuition seems to rise on a yearly basis, increasing the need to earn scholarships and academic grants to help cover the costs. Georgia implemented the HOPE scholarship in 1993, and although there have been changes, the scholarship is still running strong. The HOPE and Zell scholarships are most helpful in assisting parents with tuition payments.
  • 100 Day @ Calvary Day School

    Dr. James Taylor
    Math concepts, the value of teamwork, good sportsmanship, and cheering your classmates on to victory are all things learned on “100 Day” at Calvary Day School.
  • Welcome Home - Skylar and Kiersten Strickland

    Kiersten Strickland
    There are many reasons why Skylar and I chose to bring our son Kaiden to Calvary Day School. To begin with, we are both Calvary alumni ourselves. We were both afforded the opportunity to attend a wonderful school that not only instilled knowledge in us, but also helped us grow with Christ.
  • Education Outside of Walls

    Susan Tigert
    For so many people, when you say the word “education” or “school”, you think of students sitting in classrooms with textbooks and a teacher.  Even though the adage states that a picture is worth a thousand words, education must move beyond the one dimensional level of just a textbook.  Providing experiences for students to witness God’s creation first hand is a priceless part of what education should be for every student.
  • Calvary students are prepared for the road less traveled….

    Stacey Mell
    Information and access to information are cornerstones to the college counseling process at Calvary Day School. The college admissions process can be confusing, difficult to understand, and frustrating because it is ever changing. Please know that at Calvary, you never have to walk this path alone. College counseling and preparation for the college application process are available throughout a student’s high school tenure.
  • WTOC Top Teacher - Jennifer Nowell

    Mary Ann Mulvehill
    Congratulations to Mrs. Nowell on being awarded WTOC's Top Teacher!
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