Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach & Director of the Calvary Athletic Development Academy

Head of School at Calvary Day School, Dr. Hunter Chadwick, says “We are always striving to find more pieces that fit our mission and help us achieve excellence. The opportunity to hire Russell DeMasi who has proven he is the best quarterback coach in the area will be reflected on the field and off. The development of athletes is an area we felt can be a true differentiator for our school. Russell will lead a truly unique program as the Coordinator of Athletic Development and Director of our Athletic Academy. We now can serve students in our Fine Arts Academy and our new Athletic Development Academy.”
In 2021, Savannah State University earned its best record in 20 years at 8-2. It was SSU’s first back-to-back winning season since 1994-95. The SSU Offense finished Top 20 in D2 in Rushing Yards Per Game and 4th in Yards Per Completion. The 2019 Tigers posted a 7-3 overall record—the first winning record since 1998. In the program’s first year of competition back in NCAA Division II and the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC), the Tigers recorded a 5-0 conference record.
He came to Savannah State University from Shorter University. During the 2013 season at Shorter, he was a graduate assistant and worked with the quarterbacks and running backs.  During the 2014 season, he served as co-special teams coordinator.

DeMasi earned his bachelor's degree from Georgia Southern University and was a member of the Georgia Southern University football team from 2008-to 2012,  who appeared in 3 straight FCS final four games. He majored in general studies with a concentration in education, coaching, and business. He earned his master's degree from Shorter University in December 2014.
He is married to Kate and is the son of Karl DeMasi and Dee DeMasi.