National Reading Month

In order to widen students’ interests and excite them about reading, our school will be participating in our very own tournament inspired by NCAA college basketball. Teachers have chosen 16 books that are favorites in their grade. Students will vote on their favorite book series throughout the month of March. As part of voting, students are only allowed to participate in the vote if they’ve read the two books facing off. It is a fun opportunity for our students and our entire school to be involved! We will have many guest readers and high school students visiting classrooms throughout the month.
We will have different events each Friday to keep the kids engaged and excited about reading! We want to create and celebrate a school of diverse readers. 
This past Friday we had two separate events! Mrs. Almeida tells this story best:
“First, I’ll explain the back story. In the library I have a small pink door. At the beginning of the year I told the kids a book fairy lived behind the door, and the more they read it fairies would magically appear! Well you better believe they have been asking about the book fairy ever since! So, in the morning from 8:30 - 10:30 AM we had Joseph Almeida read to Pre-K - 2nd (each grade level separately). After he was done, Sherry Griffin asked 4 high school students dressed up as fairies to surprise them! They gave out bookmarks and kids had the chance to win free books and other prizes! Then in the afternoon we had book bingo in the cafeteria for 3rd- 5th and they had the opportunity to win books!”