Coach Brantley's Purple Sports Coat

Liza Youmans
Students at Calvary have always had the utmost love and respect for our very own, Coach Brantley. When his Senior Government and Economics class heard of his one and only Christmas wish, they knew exactly what they had to do. 

Pastor Kenny Grant preached a sermon one Sunday in a purple suit. This inspired Coach Brantley to want a purple suit of his own. Mrs. Brantley kindly let Coach Brantley know that he most likely could not pull off a purple suit like Pastor Grant, but he could rock a purple sports coat. 

As Christmas time approached, Coach Brantley’s class kept asking him what he wanted for Christmas. Coach Brantley responded time after time by saying that he didn’t want anything for Christmas, because he had all he needed. The students continued to ask Coach Brantley, so he finally told them that he wanted a purple sports coat. 

It didn’t take long for the students to rally together and get Coach Brantley a giftcard to Men’s Warehouse so he could get his purple sports coat. Coach Brantley was so surprised! When he went to Men’s Warehouse, the staff told Coach Brantley how respectful and mature the students were when they came in to purchase the gift card.

We are so blessed to have a community where students and faculty can come together and share moments like these. Teaching goes beyond curriculum; it’s about creating relationships with students so they have a safe environment to learn and grow. Thank you, Coach Brantley, for all you do at Calvary Day School! A huge thank you to Coach Brantley’s Senior Government and Economics class for gifting him an awesome purple sports coat to rock on campus!