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Love Savannah - Week of Service

Sherry Griffin
Calvary has always performed service within our community, so we wanted to devote an entire week to this endeavor this year. Calvary hosted their first inaugural Week of Service from November 16th - 20th. The theme was “Love Savannah” since we wanted to apply our entire school body to participate in our various service projects. 

For our Week of Service, we wanted to put most of our focus on a non-profit organization, People of Action Caring for Kids, also known as P.A.C.K. With P.A.C.K., they learned that 1 in 4 children in South Georgia live in homes where having enough food is a struggle every day. P.A.C.K. is committed to packing and delivering over 10,000 bags a month to children in Chatham County and the surrounding areas. Calvary decided to help in multiple ways with packing 15,000 snack bags at our campus and another 4,000+ full weekend bags at P.A.C.K.’s facility. Along with packing bags, handmade cards went into each of those bags, and Christmas ornaments were made to go along with stockings that P.A.C.K. is giving out as well. 

Calvary also went out into the community and partnered with The Living Vine to beautify the outside of their facility. Our 6th-12th grade students helped pick weeds, rake leaves, clear out debris, clean fences, lay pine straw, wash windows, and their two vehicles. 

Other service projects included collecting new or used blankets and jackets for the Old Savannah City Mission’s Day of Great Thanksgiving. Calvary was able to deliver over twelve abounding bags to help the homeless stay warm during the upcoming colder months. As well as collecting eight plastic containers of overflowing soda can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.

No matter what the service projects were, Calvary students and families provided some much needed “Love” in our community by serving P.A.C.K., Old Savannah City Mission, The Living Vine, and Ronald McDonald House. It was a privilege to see how our students came together to work for a common goal of serving our community in such an uncommon time.