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Calvary’s Class Retreats….Something to Look Forward To!

Sherry Griffin
Calvary’s class retreats have always been about creating and building relationships with their classmates through various activities. Each year of a student’s high school experience, the activity changes to build different skills and communication skills. 
  • For their Freshman year, students have to work together as one unit to brainstorm how to accomplish various low rope tasks as well as having to defeat some anxiety or fear of heights with some high rope activities. 
  • During their Sophomore year, the students go kayaking, requiring students to work together and communicate with each other. Students learn that they do not have to use that much physical force to paddle if they work together. 
  • Students typically go on an aerial ropes course during their junior year, but with the pandemic, students chose to go paintballing. Students were split into two teams and battled each other to conquer several courses. However, this made our students work together as units, build their communication skills, create a game plan to win, and cover their teammates to advance in the field.
  • Senior year is more of a relaxed time at the beach. Students love playing in the water while diving into the waves and also enjoy competitive games of football, spike ball, soccer, and chicken fights.

No matter which retreat is being held, students are always building relationships with one another, which is ultimately the goal -- to have an enjoyable student life experience!