Top 10 Reasons To Choose A Christian Independent School

Dr. Hunter Chadwick
Whether you are looking for an educational experience within a childcare facility or your children are further along in their lower, middle, or high school experiences, Calvary Day School is your best option.

These are just some of the reasons to choose Calvary Day School:

1. Biblical Worldview
Christian schools weave Biblical principles into daily lessons. Chapel programming and small groups are only a portion of what makes a Christian school unique. One of the vital components of Christian education is the Christian worldview integrated into the curriculum on all levels. This Christian worldview prepares students for a future of making difficult decisions and navigating post-secondary education.

2. High Academic Standards
We hold all students to a higher academic standard; therefore, independent schools create a culture of academic excellence, encouraging all students to excel. While state and federal regulations set public school’s academic standards, independent schools can set their own to assess student learning and development. An independent school’s goal is to set these standards higher than what would be expected in a public school setting. 

3. Relational Teachers Who Desire To Be Experts 
Because our teachers are free from the demands and the overarching importance set upon standardized testing, teachers can challenge students to critically think rather than focus their time on “teaching to the test.” We want students who can critically think and problem solve rather than skilled memorizers. This freedom attracts talented teachers passionate about their craft and desire to become experts in their field. This freedom allows Calvary Day School to search for highly qualified teachers who yearn to instill the love of learning.

4. Opportunities For Creativity And Innovation
Independent schools have much more freedom in their approaches to education. With new technology and methodologies popping up all the time, it is important that we are able to teach creatively and innovatively. Independent schools are able to serve their students better, offering courses that develop critical thinking, college preparatory writing requirements, and kinesthetic discovery.

5. Mission-Driven Community
Independent Christian schools are free to pursue education in a way that aligns with Biblical principles, philosophies, and values. By biblically educating students, they also become creative, civically minded Christian leaders. By attending a private school, your child gains access to a passionate, mission-driven community of teachers, parents, and other students.

6. Personal Relationships
Independent and private Christian school classrooms typically have a much lower student-to-teacher ratio. This improves student performance, allows for a more personal classroom, creates a more one-on-one education, and builds a strong support network for the challenges ahead. College preparatory goes beyond test preparation and includes personal decision making and discernment guided by mentoring from faculty and staff.

7. Deep Friendships
The independent private school culture fosters deep connections. Students attend school together for many years and get to know one another very well. Sharing the same school’s unique experience means that friends often stay friends for years after graduation.  

8. Access & Availability
Parents and teachers are on the same team at Calvary Day School. This equates to a strong partnership that helps develop the student in life and future planning. Faculty, staff, and leadership within the school typically make themselves available to parents and students in many avenues such as phone calls, face to face meetings, quick email turnaround, etc. This availability ensures that students are challenged academically, fully engaged, and values are reinforced at school. Ultimately, a child’s happiness and emotional well-being are valued. 

9. Development Of The Whole Student
While a strong academic foundation is essential to a promising and successful future, there is more to your child than academics. Independent Christian school teachers understand that educating your whole child is an essential part of their job as teachers. Developing the whole student is accomplished through the classroom and outside the classroom—in the form of extra-curricular activities that allow a student to explore their interests and passions and what makes them unique.

10. Invested Parents
When you enroll your child in Calvary Day School, you join a group of parents who are deeply invested in their children's lives and the outcome of this investment. You join a family that wants what is best for the entire community and works to make sure the combined investment of themselves and others produces a product we can all be proud of.