My Story - Stacey Mell

Stacey Mell, EdS
My memory is as clear as if it happened yesterday. I was seven years old when I felt the call of accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior. As I walked down the long aisle of the Wilder Chapel, I was not alone, I felt his presence then and I surely feel it today. I attended Calvary Church, as well as Calvary Day School. I started as a four year old in prekindergarten and graduated in May of 1982 from Calvary Baptist Day School. I remember praying to the Lord for direction in my life and that I wanted to follow his will. At the end of my prayers I often added a disclaimer, I will go wherever you lead, but I really feel that a third country might not be the best place for me to serve. Certainly there was in need for me in the United States. I love the sound of laughter and I feel for sure that my Lord was laughing at my prayer, nodding his head and responding, “Well if staying close is your wish, then I will lead you to stay in your own backyard.” 

I wanted to think I was adventurous, but now I know that I really am not. God sent a calling to me at 22 to come back to Calvary Day School to teach. I had never really given a thought to becoming a teacher, but I answered his call with all the confidence of a 22 year old and told myself - “I can do this!” Understanding God’s calling and answering that call can be difficult, but I have held steadfast and true for the past 32 years. I have been a teacher, a lower school counselor, middle school counselor, high school counselor, administrator, college counselor, testing coordinator and coordinator of Accreditation throughout my tenure at Calvary. There have been challenging, difficult days but there have been years of blessings and amazing, phenomenal events. God has allowed me to be a part of his children who have come through our doors the past three decades - what an honor he has bestowed on me. I have not always gotten it right, but being their advocate has been a wonderful opportunity for which I am most thankful.