Next Level Cavaliers

Written By: Susan Tigert
Last Thursday, we began a new tradition for our rising 9th and 6th graders. The Student Ambassadors hosted a field day for these students. Each Student Ambassador was assigned a specific job, including team leader, serving snacks, and walking students through Calvary trivia. Throughout the event, I was so blessed to watch the Ambassadors cheer on the 5th and 8th graders on their team, encourage each student to participate and be involved in each event, and lead small group discussions in order to foster relationships.

The planning of this event began with providing opportunities for the students moving up to meet upperclassmen and feel more comfortable before they moved to Middle and High School. What ended up transpiring before my eyes was remarkable. I saw my High School students become the light of Christ as they extended hands of welcome no matter the walk of life. I saw High School students become one with these “strangers” so no one left the field not feeling as if he/she belonged to Calvary. I saw a Christ-like love in the middle of competition. I saw High School students understand the importance of having self decrease and Christ increase as they loved on each of these students.

The planning of this event began with fun in mind; however, the end result was raising our standards of building relationships to the next level. We chose “Next Level Cavaliers” as the title for this event because of our students who are rising to the next grade level, but it came to mean so much more. The Student Ambassadors embodied what Calvary is truly all about--being the light of Christ in all that we do. So proud of this group!

Susan Tigert is the High School Principal at Calvary Day School. She comes from a family of educators and fought going into that field. However, after a year out of college, she realized God’s calling for her life. The scripture that grounds her on a daily basis is Psalm 46:10 – “Be still and know that I am God.”


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