Reading is Fundamental

Written By: Marianne Nordahl
Think back to the last time you read a good book. Was it a book that made you laugh out loud, brought tears to your eyes, transported you somewhere that you had never been, taught you something new, exercised your brain, or just fed your curiosity?
From the moment we start our school careers, we are taught the fundamentals of reading. From long vowels to short vowels to blends, we quickly become aware of what sounds letters make and how they come together to form words, sentences, paragraphs, and stories. Before you know it you're reading posters, signs, banners, and every box in the pantry!

The more we read, the more we begin to understand the world around us. As we read different texts, we discover new things that we don't already know. Do we really know why we are taught to read? Is it just to be able to read street signs, textbooks and take tests?

We know that we are taught to read so that we can communicate better and comprehend ideas, complex ideas; however, there are so many other benefits to reading. Books improve our vocabulary and our overall communication skills. Reading enhances our language skills and allows us to become fluent, which helps us express our ideas and thoughts better.

Books quench our thirst for knowledge. We can learn new languages, understand different cultures and traditions, even discover how to build things. As we pick certain books, we can find useful information that helps us become smarter, more skilled, and open to new ideas.

The ideal book can take you on an adventure. It can inspire you. When we read, our imagination is rekindled, and our minds are open to so many new possibilities. Reading stirs our imagination and sparks innovative ideas.

We need to inspire kids to read. Let them feel the excitement that a good book can bring with it. Reading invites kids to wonder, and ultimately they begin to share that wonder with others.  
Think about it...when you finish a book, the first thing you want to do is talk about it. When kids share their knowledge they begin to see how reading, sharing, and writing are all connected. Encourage a love of reading in the young so that they continue to experience the benefits as they grow.

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Marianne Nordahl is the Lower School Principal at Calvary Day School. She enjoys connecting with Calvary families and sharing her love of learning with the staff. She is amazed to see God working in the children's lives each and every day. Mrs. Nordahl lives by Joshua 1:9: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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