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  • August

    Calvary Day Tabs Burnam Smith to Establish Lacrosse for the Cavaliers!

    Chad Griffin
    In 2012, as a High School Sophomore Burnam Smith helped establish one of the first Lacrosse programs in the greater Savannah Area at Savannah Christian Preparatory School. Burnam would lead SCPS for the next three years as their starting Goalkeeper and Team Captain.
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  • July

    What Calvary Means to Me

    JC Upton Class of 2020
    My Calvary story began in the spring of my 7th grade year when I shadowed Justin Roberts for a day. On that day I not only decided that this was the place I wanted to go but also got a
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  • What Calvary Means to Me

    Hayden Clark Class of 2020
    Nestled between the black iron fences on the corner of Waters and 63rd sits one of the most monumental places in my life. Some may think spending fourteen years in the same school
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  • June

    Legacy - Dr. James Taylor

    Gordon Hunter
    "I would not be at Calvary Day School had James Taylor not sold me on the mission of impacting kids for eternity." - Gordon Hunter, Director of Advancement and Alumni Services
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  • April

    Building Togetherness

    Mikki Thomas
    Recently, I saw the hashtag #alonetogether. I feel like, for some of us, this time of alone-togetherness brings a sense of loss, confusion, and perhaps loneliness. Those whose personalities lean more toward being an extrovert may feel the burden of this alone-togetherness more than others.
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  • Helping a Struggling Reader

    Lori Hearn
    Many children struggle to read. For some, it is developmental, and they may simply grow out of it. One day the light bulb for reading comes on, and they can do it. For others who have a disability, reading can be a lifelong struggle. There are tools that can be put in place for struggling readers.
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  • My Story - Stacey Mell

    Stacey Mell, EdS
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  • We each have our own Cross to Bear

    Stacey Mell, EdS
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  • March

    The Day the Sports Stopped

    Coach Chad Griffin
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  • January

    My Story - Phillip Lee

    "I knew that Calvary was different than other schools because of the relationships and bonds that were made between the students, teachers, and parents. These relationships that I made almost thirty years ago are still going strong." - Phillip Lee
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  • PSAT Scores are now available online

    Stacey Mell
    This year, the College Board released scores to students in December. If your student(s) provided an email address on the PSAT answer sheet, they received an email notifying them to check their College Board account, where they are able to view their scores. PSAT scores will be passed out to the 9th, 10th, and 11th graders the week of January 21st.
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