Blake Jones Class of 2007


Blake Jones was a staple at Calvary throughout his years as a student.  He was a key member of the varsity basketball and baseball teams.  During his basketball career at Calvary he racked up all region honors twice and was the WTOC player of the year his senior year.  He was a baseball state champion in 2005 and 2007.  He also was on all region and all state teams senior year as well.  Along with sports he was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and graduated with honors.  

After graduation he was a walkon for the Georgia Southern basketball team and later transferred to play at Armstrong State University to finish out his degree.  This is where his story took a turn he did not see coming.  Out of high school and throughout most of college, Blake wanted to earn a degree in education and pursue a career in coaching college basketball.  God had a different plan though.


After a ton of praying and waiting, Blake was called to the field of dentistry.  He applied to schools all over the country and was accepted into the Dental College of Georgia in Augusta.  “God installed a passion for dentistry in me after graduation.  I love that I can provide an immediate physical means to people’s needs, as well as use it to share the gospel.”  And share the gospel he does.

Along with his rigorous schedule of medical school, Blake still finds time to serve his creator.  For the past three years, Blake has traveled to in the summertime with a group of 20-30 people to carry out the needs of the local orphanage in Finante, Romania.  They have a Vacation Bible School for the local orphans/gypsy children as well as a pastoral committee that preach around the area.  A women’s ministry conducted a Bible study two times a week for the duration of the trip.  The group helped out with construction projects in the area as well as tending to the needs around the camp site.  This is something I have been a part of two times, and it is nothing short of life-changing.  


This winter Blake is putting his dental skills to work for a great purpose. He is currently on a mission trip in Gonaives, Haiti, in which he is providing dental care to the less fortunate.  Along with providing dental care he will also organize a Vacation Bible School and help with any construction that needs to be done.  

Passionate.  That is the word I think of when I think of Blake.  He is passionate in all he does.  From basketball to baseball, teaching Biology at Calvary when they needed an intern teacher, medical school, and mission trips, he does it to his best and with so much passion.  I remember when I was in 7th grade in a Bible study group led by Blake.  He told me “If you are not passionate about all you do and do not do it to the best of your ability,  why even do it in the first place?”  That is a quote I will always strive to live by and as should we all.  Blake embodied what Calvary is all about and continues to show what it means to be a Cavalier.  


Harrison Clark  – Class of 2017

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