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My Story

Written By: Kaleb Park Class of 2020
This is my story of why Calvary is a great school and how Calvary has impacted my life. My name is Kaleb Park, and I am currently a senior at Calvary Day School. During my years at Calvary, I have learned and been taught three main tools that have affected my life in a positive way and made me become the young man that I am today: leadership, respect, and being spiritually strong. These have helped me write “My Story.”

Respect is something Calvary has taught me. Through respecting my classmates, teachers, and teammates, I have learned that if you respect others, they will respect you the same way. I always tell myself to respect everyone around me no matter if they are younger or older than me. Also respecting authority is most important to me because I know that it is the right thing to do and that one day I will become an authority, and I would want the same respect that I gave others. I also respect Calvary and what they have done for me to become who I am today. 

Leadership is a tool that Calvary has taught me, and I pride it the most. Being a leader means so much more than you think. If it weren’t for my coaches or teachers at Calvary, I would not have thought of being a leader and just would have been a follower the entire time. The coach that impacted me the most to become a leader is Coach Lee. I’ve had Coach Lee as a coach and teacher since I was in Middle School. He has taught me many leadership lessons over the years. He’s taught me to not give up when adversity gets in my way, and he pushes others and me to become better people and athletes. What it means for me to become a leader to my friends and teammates is to have courage, great personality, clear vision with ambition to succeed, pushing each other to become better everyday and setting an example so others can follow. For example, I play two sports at Calvary, football and baseball. Leadership is an important role for me when I am playing sports. I push my teammates to become the best athlete they can be. Especially when adversity hits us during a season, as a leader I have to push my teammates to work harder and get past it so we can be successful in our season.

Calvary has made me become stronger physically and mentally, but most importantly, they have made me become stronger spiritually. Calvary has chapel every Tuesday, and every sermon is a life lesson that we should use. Calvary encourages us to spread the gospel to others. Being stronger spiritually has made me a better classmate/student at Calvary and a better son/brother to my family. I love helping others to make them happy and becoming stronger spiritually has made my life a whole lot happier. 

Through my journey at Calvary, I have learned to use these tools--leadership, respect, and being spiritually strong--to become the young man that I am today. Without my teachers, coaches, and administrators at Calvary to teach me these three main tools, I would not be the young man that I am now. I am very thankful to my parents, teachers, coaches, administration, and the school leaders who helped me to become the young man I am and who helped me write "My Story."

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