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My Story

Written By: Chelsea Daniels Class of 2020
Family. At Calvary, we hear this word a lot. For me, this word rings especially true. I entered Calvary in kindergarten. I was welcomed by Mrs. Allen, who congratulated me with the title of being an Allen's Owl. One memory I have from Mrs. Allen's kindergarten class stands out, and I doubt that I will ever forget it. 

I was six years old and was standing near the playground and had just heard the distant bell in the gym ring. I watched in awe as the high schoolers came from the gray doors and walked along the pavement. They looked so old and free. I remember thinking to myself, I wish I was in their shoes: older, taller, and a little wiser and told myself it would be forever until I reached senior year.

I am now a senior and have never regretted a wish more. In less than a few months, I will have to say goodbye to a family that I have been a part of for thirteen years. I know the ins and outs of this school; ask me anything, and I will tell you. I can tell you where the good books are in the library and, more importantly, where all of the good food is. I can tell you the teachers you can laugh, cry, and talk with. I can tell you all these things, but none of it will matter unless you have experienced this family too.

This place, this family has shaped who I am. If I could tell my kindergarten self what to wish for, I would wish to not take this place for granted.

Calvary Day School

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