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My Story

Written By: Justin Roberts c/o 2020
My story at Calvary began as a tiny student in Mrs. Coker’s Pre-K class. I was a quiet and timid child. As a senior, I’m not so quiet anymore, very involved, and not afraid to venture out of my comfort zone. My journey to this point has been full of excitement, joy, and faith. However, no one’s path is clear cut, and one will have to face trials. But with the values and education that Calvary and my family have ingrained in me, these trials are no longer hurdles but something necessary for growth. My name is Justin Roberts, and this is my Calvary story. 

Faith has been placed at the center of everything at the Day School. From going to chapel every Tuesday morning to Mr. Bielec’s Bible class to Mrs. Mackey’s daily class devotions to Dr. Taylor’s Bible study group, it has been so easy to see God working in my life and in many other lives in our school. The faculty and administration has shown countless times their support for everyone’s Christian journey. I have watched over the years as God has provided me with opportunities at Calvary for leadership roles. I have been blessed with many roles such as the senior vice president for the high school student body and my involvement with academic groups and sports. My time at Calvary has taught me that faith comes first and how to allow God to use me for his plan. 

Throughout my Calvary journey, I have learned that everyone has their own gift, but becoming super involved, even with things one may not be comfortable with, is extremely rewarding. When I was in Lower School, I did not want to do a lot outside the classroom. As I have grown, I have learned the importance of trying new things and expanding my horizons. Why pick one thing to be excellent at when there is a possibility of excelling at many things? In Middle School, I joined the pep band which evolved into the marching band up until freshman year. Then I joined the school newspaper staff led by Mrs. Kaseta and discovered a love for photography. I have always loved the sport of baseball and have played since 4th grade, but in my junior year, I joined the cross country and wrestling teams thanks to my friends and Coach Daves. I also joined the Calvary Radicals and challenged my knowledge in mathematics because of the confidence Mrs. Nelson’s class instilled in me. Everyone has somewhere they can fit into the Calvary family. 

One of the most important things I have learned at Calvary is becoming “mentally tough.” Life can become so difficult if everyone lets it beat them up. But it is not about how many times you get knocked down: it is about how you get up and knock the dust off. It is about approaching these difficult times with the right mindset, knowing God, your family, and your friends will be there along your side. On April 16, 2019, I had shoulder surgery on my right shoulder to repair a torn labrum. I was unsure what this meant for me, my sports life, and my life in general. But one thing I was sure about was that this was in God’s plan. My Calvary family was so supportive of me in my return. Mrs. Mell even helped me write an essay while I was unable to because my arm was in a sling. It is moments like this that make you truly appreciate the atmosphere at Calvary. The Christ-loving and caring environment that lets you know that every student matters. 

Calvary is much more than a school. It is a family. It is where students learn and grow in their faith and in their personal lives. To everyone at Calvary, I thank you. I will be forever grateful for the lessons I have learned, the relationships I have created, and even the long, stressful nights of staying up until 2 a.m. writing annotations for English class. Thank you for being there and molding me into the person I have become today. 

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