Leading By Example

Written By: Dr. James Taylor
“Who are you texting?” I casually asked my son one morning as he slumped on the couch during his Christmas break from UGA.

“Mr. Locke. We still talk all the time,” came the sleepy reply.

“About a History class you’re taking?” I questioned inquisitively.

“No, just about life, school, friends. Nothing big,” answered my son with thumbs whirling on his phone.
This brief conversation did my heart good. Both of our children graduated from Calvary. Both of our children are in college pursuing Nursing and Cellular Biology respectively. Both of our kids are still engaging in their faith even in their college settings. Our daughter is at GSU finishing her Nursing degree and is involved as a youth leader at the youth group where her fiancee serves as part-time Youth Pastor. Our son is on the worship team at Wesley, a huge weekly Christian event on the campus of UGA. Truthfully, I beam with pride every time I think about either of my kids. I am so thankful for the impact the teachers at Calvary had on my children.

To say that the teachers at Calvary had an impact on my children would be an enormous understatement. Much of who they are and who they are becoming, my wife and I credit to the relationships they formed during their years at Calvary. From Mrs. Norris and Mrs. Hunt, my kids both learned to love Science, and specifically the field of medicine. Leadership lessons were caught and taught with frequency by both Mr. Locke and Mr. Carswell. Their creativity, writing, and ability to meet deadlines were learned in Yearbook, Bible, and English classes with Mr. & Mrs. Brewer. Toughness and grit were embodied in Coach Stroud. An appreciation for humor and honest laughter (particularly “silly Dad jokes”) was enjoyed from Coach Poole. I could go on and on about the teachers at Calvary who have shaped my children.

I was reminded in chapel this past week about why we love Calvary Day School so much. Several of the teachers led the worship in chapel, and I need to say...they were really good! Our students have the privilege of watching their teachers live an applied faith day in and day out. The same teachers who fostered a love of learning also developed a love for Christ in my kids. The same teachers who coached them also prayed with them. The same teachers who graded their exams and red penned their essays still text them today to talk about life, school, and friends. Nothing big? I beg to differ. My wife and I thank the teachers of Calvary for helping shape our children for today, tomorrow, and for eternity.

James Taylor is the Head of School at Calvary Day School. Taylor’s greatest joy is to see Christ’s truth take root in the lives of young people. He is amazed to watch their worldviews become deliberately and intricately intertwined with the creator of the universe. Dr. Taylor challenges his students to live deliberately in the pattern of 1 Timothy 4:12, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.”

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