Finding the Why?

Written By: Chad Griffin
After seventeen years of being a high school soccer coach along with four years of coaching collegiately and four years of playing soccer in college--each new season begins with a Why? Why do we coach? Why do we play?
So many focus on the W’s and L’s and forget what we are truly about. Our calling is to impact lives for eternity, as God gave His Son on the cross for our sins and transgressions! The Why has to be more; it has to mean more. God has called us to to be servant leaders, to use the gifts he has given us to make sure that the lives we touch and the relationships we build are for a greater purpose than just winning a game. Don’t get me wrong, I want to win; I hate losing more than I enjoy winning. I like the Jesus that went into the Temple and cleaned house. Jesus was a great coach--think about it. He had a team of twelve disciples all from different backgrounds, all wondering who was the best (Matthew 9:34), all thinking about other things than the greater good. It eventually all came together, and the wins that the disciples had far outweighed the losses. They finally figured out the why; they figured out what the true meaning was. They were imperfect souls called to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ into a dark world, similar to what we face today. So as you go about your next athletic season, I challenge you to find your why in sports? Why do you watch your child play? Why do we love going to the ballpark or field? Let the joy of Christ and the impact that sport can have answer that why--it is because we are all called to be disciples of Christ and called to a greater game, the game of life and eternity.

Chad Griffin is the Athletic Director for Calvary Day School. He is thankful for the ability to serve our student-athletes, coaches, and support staff through athletic endeavors. Griffin sincerely believes the values of “Building Champions through Christ,” and uses this motto to challenge our student-athletes to be the best young men and women they can be. Griffin prays that student-athletes will not only find individual success, but also spiritual success through true salvation that matters — a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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