Fine Arts at Calvary

The Arts at Calvary Day School are an exciting way to provide students with quality instruction and a means for expressing their God-given talents. Program goals for our students include helping them build confidence, foster creativity, value teamwork, and improve their communication skills. As Christians involved in the arts, we believe our mission is to keep our standards high, to promote a strong work ethic, and to remain aware of the impactful potential of the arts and faith together. Our students achieve their creative potential through meaningful individual experiences and performances in class, for the school, and for the greater community. Students are given opportunities to excel in performing arts, visual art, and publication arts.

Performing Arts

Our Performing arts program offers a fully developed range of opportunities to explore and express creativity at any level on the stage and behind the scenes. Our program develops the creative potential of every student. We encourage them to take risks, step outside of their comfort zones, and stretch the limits of their imaginations.

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  • Pre-K through 3rd Grade

    Students in grades Pre-K through 3rd grade take part in school programs throughout the year. They are assigned speaking and singing roles as well as playing various rhythm instruments. General music teaches students music theory, keeping a beat, singing in tune, and developing their ear for listening to music.
  • 4th Grade

    Our 4th-grade students start learning to play the recorder which allows all students to engage in the process of learning music. Students gain motor skills, connect reading music to playing an instrument, and develop a sense of time and rhythm. These students also take part in several singing programs.
  • 5th Grade

    The 5th-grade students who elect to pursue band will choose instruments appropriate to their ability, learn the fundamentals of music theory, and begin playing their instruments. Students can participate in several singing programs throughout the year and audition for roles in our Spring Musical.

Middle School

Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in both drama and music, either choir or band, with performances in the fall, Christmas, and the spring. They also can audition for the Spring Musical, a theatrical event of acting, singing, and music involving students from 5th grade to high school. Students audition for parts, practice during and after school, and put on several performances for the public.

Upper School

Upper School students can choose from among several Fine Arts classes as an elective: Calvary Singers, Song and Stage, and Concert Band.  Students also have the opportunity to compete in several local, state, and national Fine Arts and Literary competitions such as the One Act Competition, National Shakespeare Competition, Literary Competition as well as participate in the fall, Christmas, and spring concerts. Students can also audition to be a part of the Praise Band, a band composed of both singers and musicians, who lead each weekly chapel service.