Student Services

Committed to Being with each Student at Every Step of the Journey

The final years of school before adulthood are both exciting and daunting, and the Upper School Counseling Department of Calvary Day School is committed to being with each student at every step of the journey. Our Counseling Office understands the myriad issues facing pre-teens and teens. We offer personal and group counseling for students coping with situations like divorce or personal acceptance within peer groups. We respond to each situation from all sides with Christian compassion and sensitivity.


Additional classroom guidance sessions are conducted during English classes to explain the PSAT process to ninth graders. PSAT results are distributed and explained to ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students to enable personal understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills areas. The Counseling Department informs students and parents of resources designed to improve weak areas as identified by PSAT, SAT, and/or ACT results.

Likewise, students are strongly encouraged to attend the PROBE Fair each year. Representatives from over 150 colleges and universities participate in the annual PROBE Fair. To encourage student exploration of potential schools, a brief comparative essay about several schools must be completed by the student.


At the beginning of each school year, students may request their GPAs from the Counseling Department. Rising seniors are also given their current HOPE averages. This information allows parents and students to assess current academic standing as well as to narrow the selection of colleges and universities accordingly.

Letters and yearly exam calendars concerning the SAT and ACT are sent to parents from the Counseling Department. Calvary Day School also serves as a testing center for these two exams to provide our students with a familiar testing environment.

Before students officially apply to a school, the Counselor will check all applications and essays as well as ensure that all activities and awards have been listed. Recommendation letters are vital to the college application process, and the Counselor will write letters as requested or serve as a bridge to request letters of recommendation from other faculty members. The Counselor also mails all official transcripts as requested. A return postcard will be sent and filed once the transcripts have been received.

In addition to providing a committed and active Counselor, Calvary Day School teams with other organizations to offer its students more opportunities in preparation for life after graduation. Throughout the school year, college representatives visit students on campus and distribute information about schools. These meetings may be conducted as lunch visits, as conference room meetings, or as classroom guidance sessions.

Finally, every May senior students are given the opportunity to work in a prospective career. The students work for one week at non-paid status and learn about the varying aspects of the career. Students are required to research the career and report their findings in an essay before working during this Senior Professional Experience.

YOUVISIT offers virtual tours of colleges that will help students familiarize themselves with campuses as they narrow their selections.

Student Services Commitment

Calvary remains committed to developing the whole student according to Luke 2:52 and to forming close bonds with parents to ensure the academic, social, spiritual, and physical growth of each child. Personal counseling services are also available for students and their families who are experiencing life’s challenges, whether it be a time of grief from the passing of a loved one or a particular period of family adjustment. Both personal and academic needs entrusted to the Counseling Department will be met with sound Christian guidance founded upon mutual respect and sincerity.

College Preparation Services

We offer a variety of services to provide our students with a smooth transition from Calvary Day School to college. All High School students, whether incoming or returning, receive pertinent academic guidance throughout each year at Calvary. From late August to the end of October, individual parent and student meetings are held. These fall meetings are designed to map the student’s passage from our school to college. The Counselor covers the basics of completing the college application, application essay formats, SAT and ACT scores and testing, as well as scholarship opportunities. In the spring of each year, orientations are held for rising freshmen, seniors, and their parents. During this same time of year, the Guidance Department holds individual scheduling meetings for rising juniors and seniors as well as classroom guidance sessions for rising freshmen and sophomores.