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  • January

    Coach Brantley's Purple Sports Coat

    Liza Youmans
    Students at Calvary have always had the utmost love and respect for our very own, Coach Brantley. When his Senior Government and Economics class heard of his one and only Christmas wish, they knew exactly what they had to do. 
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  • Campus Safety and Security : A Team Effort

    Safety and security are a large part of the overall plan to help maintain a healthy, safe, and positive environment on our campus.
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    January 29th

    Glory to God in the highest and on earth, Peace to His people of goodwill, We praise You, we bless You, We adore You, we glorify You, We give You thanks for Your great glory - Glory to God, song by John Michael Talbot

    One hundred and one days of in-person school! And yes, we are counting! Thank you students and families, teachers and staff for making this possible.

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  • CDS Technology Services Center

    Calvary Opens NEW Technology Services Center

    Dr. Patrick Mulvehill
    Providing a leading-edge 1:1 technology program is one of our highest priorities at Calvary Day School. In order to facilitate that desire, we are introducing the new Calvary Technology Services Center located on the 2nd Floor landing of the Upper School building. The center will be the technical support hub for students and staff to get their technology needs addressed.
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