Raising Godly Kids in a Google World – My Top 5 Favorite Chrome Apps for Students

Chrome Apps

Last time I talked about some of my favorite extensions in Google Chrome. This time I want to explore some of my favorite Chrome Apps which can all be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore).

First, I should probably note the difference between a Chrome app and a Chrome extension.

Chrome apps are applications that you can actually run inside of the Chrome browser. They typically have a dedicated user interface and lots of ways for the user to interact with the application. Sometimes these apps look and feel just like web pages and sometimes they look and feel like separate programs all together, functioning outside of the typical browser window experience (ie Wunderlist – see below).

Extensions, on the other hand, have little to no user interface. They are designed to extend the functionality of Chrome and the web pages that you visit. Most of these appear as a button in the extension list that appears to the right of your address bar in Google Chrome.

So, enough about the differences. Here is a quick list showing some of my favorite Chrome apps.



This is a great app for any student that wants to have quick access to the Bible, as well as a number of great tools to help with in their study of the scriptures. The Bible app allows you to search for keywords and phrases, highlight passages of scripture, bookmark, and make notes. There are also a number of reading and devotional plans geared for every type of reader. By downloading and signing into the app across all of your devices, you can have your Bible adventure waiting for you no matter where you go.


Lucidpress & Lucidchart

One of the biggest complaints I hear regarding our switch from Microsoft Office to Google Apps has been the need to create MS Publisher type documents. Lucidpress to the rescue! With Lucidpress students can create brochures, signs, newsletters, and much more in the same Publisher type environment. And with the addition of Lucidchart, creating visually impressive charts becomes a breeze. Both of these tools are integrated with Google Drive and allow the students to create and collaborate with other students. Truly the dynamic duo of page layout applications in the new online world.


Pixlr Editor

This is a great app for editing photos on your Chromebook. Pixlr is an online photo editing tool that gives you full control over the editing process including layers and effects. If you need a Photoshop type environment to edit your photos, this is the app for you.



This is a great app for taking notes while watching online videos. Videonot.es lets you watch the video on the same screen that you take you notes. It records the exact time in the video that you record the note so that you can go back to that moment later when you are reviewing your notes. It is a great tool for students in flipped classrooms, but also for any student needing to review a video as part of a class assignment or research. Videonot.es can store all of your notes in Google Drive so you will always know where they are.



This is definitely my new favorite task list application, and the user interface for this app gives it a truly stand alone experience. You can create lists of tasks and then subtasks for each task.. Wunderlist visually tracks your progress as you complete subtasks and gives you lot of options for attaching notes, attachments, and links. It even has a cool audio recording feature for dictating information about a task. You can set due dates, reminders, and even collaborate with other users on your task lists. Wunderlist is a great tool to help today’s student stay organized.

Again, all of these apps can be installed from the Chrome Web Store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore).

A little more about Patrick Mulvehill...

Patrick Mulvehill holds a B.A. in ministry, an M.A. in theology, and a D.Min. in theology from Covington Theological Seminary. He attends Calvary Baptist Temple and claims John 3:30 as his life verse, "He must increase, and I must decrease." His favorite pastime is spending time with his beautiful wife, Mary Ann, and his sons, Cameron and Cooper. God has blessed them with amazing little boys, and they just can't get enough of their joyful smiles and addictive cuddles. Mulvehill’s hobbies include mountain biking, kayaking, and exploring technology of all kinds.

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