Lower School Field Day at Calvary Day in Savannah

field-dayThese days while schools are phasing out physical education classes and recess for young children, Calvary’s Lower School is jumping through hula hoops and kicking off their shoes in a shoe fly contest. Incorporating exercise with teamwork, field day offers our students the opportunity to work on skills that cannot be taught in the classroom.

Growing up, field day was always a special part of each year in my elementary school. It was a day that we looked forward to, no school work, of course, but also a day that we could experience friendly competition and interacting with classmates, teachers and parents. This day is more about fun than true competitive skill, knowing that running a relay with a rubber fish or trying to strategically figure out the ginormous tic tac toe game is not an Olympic style event, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable!

Calvary’s field day, with over 20 volunteers and 100 students, turns the football field into a game time extravaganza! The students move around the field in twelve-minute increments, staying with their class and working together in purple and gold teams. There are a variety of activities available throughout the day, leading up to the finale when the points are tallied and our 5th graders engage in the infamous….tug of war. Fifth grade Purple versus Gold and then 5th grade versus volunteers. Talk about serious match-ups!

With red cheeks and sweaty hair, the stands are filled with students cheering for their team’s color. We saw some great teamwork and sportsmanship out on that field, making this year’s final tie score even more satisfying. I think that our tshirt sums it up, “Two colors one team under God.”

Some may say that it’s just a day to play around, but I disagree. The skills learned and the fellowship that is achieved on this day during the event is unmatched. We are blessed to be able to partake in a day such as this. We are inspired by the students’ cooperation and participation with each other and celebrate in their team spirit!

A little more about Marianne Chase...

Marianne Chase holds a B.S. in social work from Southern Connecticut State University and a Master of Arts in Teaching Strategy from Armstrong State University and is currently completing her Ed.S. in Educational Leadership. Chase enjoys connecting with all the families and sharing her love of learning with the staff. She is amazed to see God working in the children each and every day. She and her husband, Travis, are currently renovating a house in Savannah and can’t wait to sit back on their new porch together. They have three girls; the youngest is currently a senior at Calvary. Chase lives by Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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