Calvary Students Scheduling for Next Year’s Classes

Next Year's ClassesSpring is time for growth and renewal. This holds true in an academic perspective as well. April is the time that Calvary students schedule their classes for next year. Scheduling can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time, especially for juniors and seniors. Our older high school students understand the importance of taking rigorous classes in order to be considered competitive for Tier 1, Ivy and Public Ivy universities and colleges throughout our country.

I believe that it is important for all students to work hard in an effort to reach for their true academic potential. Such effort reaps many opportunities for acceptances into some of the most elite and best schools in the country. A student who is capable of taking honors, Pre-AP and AP courses should challenge themselves with such academic rigorous opportunities. Such courses allow students to experience the rigor of college courses while still enrolled in the familiar settings of high school. AP (Advanced Placement) courses offer nationally administered tests each May. Scores for these tests range from 1-5. Generally, if a student earns a 3 or higher on the AP exam, the student will receive college credit for this high school AP class, thus saving time and money. Such an incentive can lure students into wanting to take such prestigious classes, but there is a “catch.” One must perform well in these classes. AP and honors classes are not for every student. AP classes require additional reading, studying from multiple books, large amounts of composition writing, deep analysis and synthesis skills and a positive and willing attitude to work hard for the sake of learning. Students should only enroll in such rigorous courses if they are able to earn a high B or an A. I have heard college admissions representatives state over and over “Earning a C in an AP class is not impressive, and will not earn you an advantage for acceptance into college.” Remember, there are many other students fighting for the same admission spot that you may desire, and that student earned an A in their AP course.

The process of determining selection for honors, Pre-AP and AP (Advanced Placement) courses is based on teacher recommendations of prerequisite courses, grades earned in the prerequisites courses in that particular subject area, overall academic attitude and work ethic. We encourage students to work hard to earn the highest grades possible in all course work. Typically students who are selected for honors and AP courses have earned A’s in their previous courses, have very good teacher recommendations, and demonstrate a knowledge and passion in the subject matter.

It is important for your student to choose classes wisely, selecting courses that add rigor to your transcript, thus telling the story that you are a hard worker. If an AP or honors course might not be the best choice for your student, encourage them to take an additional science class or academic elective that will also add rigor and prestige to their transcript. Working hard and earning the best grades possible should be the goal of all Calvary students, and with proper guidance and direction, Calvary students will be prepared for their post secondary educational opportunities.

A little more about Stacey Mell...

Stacey Mell is a 1982 graduate of Calvary Day School. Stacey holds a Bachelor of Arts. in psychology with a minor in computer programming from Armstrong Atlantic State University and an M.Ed. in counseling as well as an Ed.S. in counseling from Georgia Southern University . Stacey has been married to Jeff Mell for twenty-nine years . Their son Matthew was a high honor graduate from Calvary in 2012 and is currently a senior at Georgia Southwestern University. Thier younger son Ryan, is currently a junior at Calvary and is on the track and football teams, as well as a member of the BEACON staff. She attends Blessed Sacrament Church and finds inspiration from Ephesians 2:8, “For grace you are saved through faith – think not of yourselves, it is a gift of God.” Mell enjoys spending time with her family on the beach, cruising to any Caribbean island, football games, and to dinner and a movie.

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