Athletic Training

Before a student may participate in any extracurricular athletic activity, he or she must receive an annual physical examination given by a physician, a nurse practitioner, or a physician’s assistant, indicating that the student is approved for participation in athletic activities. This form must be on file in the Athletic Trainer’s Office prior to any participation. Each spring, athletic physical examinations are offered for a small fee at the school.

Memorial University Medical Center’s Athletic Trainers are committed to providing comprehensive athletic health care. In the time between school and practice, Calvary’s Athletic Trainer provides evaluations of injuries to athletes in order to determine a safe participation status. The Athletic Trainer also performs preventative bracing and taping and rehabilitation/reconditioning therapy for any injured athlete. Athletes who are not able to participate in practices or contests are monitored while completing their rehabilitation. Our Athletic Trainer works with the athlete’s treating physician to carry out any rehabilitative therapy prescribed and is prepared to deal with injuries that occur throughout each practice or contest. Calvary’s Athletic Trainer also works with coaches to provide a safe progression back into sports participation, if possible.