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High School

Faith, Academics, Excellence—The Makings of a Great School

JShellAhh, the life of a high school student!  What an exciting time in any person’s life! At Calvary we do not take this snapshot in time for granted at all. As Calvary staff, we feel it is our mission to aid in the overall growth and development of all of our students.  After being at Calvary almost 15 years, it is amazing to see what our graduates have become or are in the process of becoming. What I tell all of our kids starting in 9th grade is that these four years of high school will be gone in a flash. In saying that, the concept I am eager to point out is to not wait on things to happen. Take the bull by the horns and make it happen. Use the strength and talents God has given to you and put them to work as soon as possible. As an educator, one of the most disappointing things to hear is a former student say to me…”I wish I had buckled down sooner.” In hearing that statement sometimes I think “how did we fail him/her?” However, at the end of the day, our young people have to learn the process of self accountability. Again, their time in high school is the prime time to learn that particular process, whether it’s accountability for their grades, athletic achievement or even his or her spiritual growth. All of that is attributed to the student’s ability to self reflect and process individual accountability.

I consider it a privilege to be a part of this crucial process of our students’ lives. It gives me no greater pleasure than to see our former graduates come back and really attribute much of their success or overall development to their time at Calvary. Our partnership with the students’ parents and families is of the utmost importance….and we at Calvary Day School do not take that responsibility lightly. We count it a privilege to work with our families to develop the total student – spiritually, academically, physically, and socially.

Jason Shell
Upper School Dean of Students

9th Grade

The ninth grade at Calvary Day School is an exciting time of transition and growth for our students. A freshman at Calvary may play a varsity sport, join the yearbook staff, become a member of the student council, or wow audiences with leading roles in plays and musicals throughout the year. As the countdown to college begins, ninth graders have more opportunities than…

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10th Grade

Tenth grade at Calvary Day School is a time focused on academic challenges and personal changes. Planning for college admittance is on the forefront of many sophomore minds, and Calvary’s guidance counselor makes sure that students are making commitments that count. As many students earn their drivers licenses and take control of a car, they also take more…

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11th Grade

Junior year has long been heralded as the “the year that matters most,” and Calvary Day School juniors take that to heart. Academics are of utmost importance, and many juniors who excel on the playing field receive well-deserved attention from college recruiters. Juniors comprise the prom committee, and each year they wow the senior class and chaperones with…

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12th Grade

Seniors at Calvary Day School are the student-leaders on campus. They shine in their last year of high school through numerous opportunities in academics, athletics, fine arts, and community service. Seniors are regularly notified of their early acceptance to choice colleges and universities throughout the country, and that lends an air of celebration to the school year.

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